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PawPlunger® Medium Black

Pet Products Innovations LLC


PawPlunger® Medium Black Your product is out of stock currently but will be available from one our suppliers. We typically get trucks in every Friday. If you order by Tuesday, we can have your product by Friday as long as the distributor has it in stock. We will contact you immediately if we find that the product will not be available on Friday as planned.

Pawplunger Medium Black

Best for most breeds, our furry friends from about 15lbs to 75lbs.


No more struggling with your pup in the sink. No need to risk an entire soaking with the hose. PawPlunger® was invented to eliminate all that hassle, mess and stress for you and your best friend.


PawPlunger gently, safely cleans paws BEFORE your pup cleans them on your best rug, clean sofa or freshly mopped floor.


PawPlunger will save you a fortune on dry cleaning, rug steam cleaning, and cleaning products....not to mention your valuable time, paying for itself in no time at all.


PawPlunger is easy to use, safe and affordable. It's the tool for ALL seasons; spring, summer, fall and of course, winter --where ice and snow-melting chemicals can burn and sting those delicate paws.