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Glacier Peak Holistics Healthy Dog and Cat Alternative Sensitivity Assessment


Glacier Peak Holistics Healthy Dog

and Cat Alternative Sensitivity



This is the original hair and saliva testing method for identifying imbalances and finding solutions to help your pets. This is not a typical laboratory test that identifies a handful of potential “allergies.”  Using biofeedback analysis, we identify over 300 food and environmental sensitivities and triggers.  Biofeedback also provides information about imbalances that are potentially undermining your pet's health. We include suggestions for holistic and herbal remedies to help eliminate these underlying stressors. Animals can have food sensitivities just like we do and are affected by the same toxins and chemicals that negatively impact our health. This assessment helps eliminate the guessing so you can choose the most appropriate food and supplements for your pets.

About our Alternative Sensitivity Assessment:

This assessment is a non-invasive, non-medical/lab system for finding sensitivities and trigger foods. The test is truly an alternative method and should not be compared to blood testing or serum testing.  We do not use this assessment to measure IgE and IgG antibodies.  Our patent pending analysis is strictly for trigger foods and external stressors as well as potential triggers and sensitivities that are affecting your pets’ health now.  If you have had a blood panel performed with your veterinarian, we most likely will not have a reading for the items that you have already eliminated from the dogs food and environment.

What's included in the Kit:

  • ~ Sample sheet of what items your pet will be assessed for. (200+ Food Items, 100+ Environmental triggers, and Beneficial Herbal and Holistic Remedies)
  • ~ Information Sheet (Must accompany the pet’s samples when sent)
  • ~ Small Comb
  • ~ 3 Organic Cotton Swabs
  • ~ Plastic Zip Bag (To place the hair and Saliva samples)
  • ~ Return Envelope

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Glacier Peak Holistics is committed to customer satisfaction by offering products and services that improve your pet's health, wellness, and comfort. To ensure you obtain the best results from your pet's Alternative Sensitivity Assessment, please carefully review the results, paying particular attention to the Probable Concerns on page one and the Beneficial Remedies and Recommendations on pages three and four. Changing your pet's food is an excellent place to start, but to get the best possible results the probable concerns must also be addressed with the proper supplements and remedies. If you have further questions or need additional assistance, we encourage you to speak with your local Glacier Peak Holistics retailer or contact us directly. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Alternative Sensitivity Assessment
1. Q: How long does it take to receive my results?
    A: Glacier Peak Holistics will complete your pets assessment within 10-14 business days from the time we receive your samples.
        We DO send a confirmation via email when we receive your samples.

2. Q: How will I receive my test results?
    A: GPH will send all results by email directly to the email address provided on the order form after the test has been complete.

3. Q: My dog has short hair or doesn't shed, can I trim/cut some hair for the hair sample?
    A: Yes, trimming the dogs hair for the hair sample is ok. Please make sure that there
         is enough hair to cover the circle on the order form and place hair in the provided zip bag.

4. Q: How accurate is this Alternative Sensitivity Assessment?
    A: Because these assessments are done using the energetic imprint of your dog the results can vary.
        There isn't a way that we can put a number value to this question, we only know that
        we receive daily comments and testimonials from the nearly three thousand customers of how we've helped their pet.

5. Q: What's the best way to get the saliva samples?
    A: We provide you with three organic cotton swabs in the test kit. The best way to get the saliva sample
         is to hold all three of the swabs on one end and swab the inside of the mouth along the gum line and
         cheek area with the opposite end. This will get all three swabs done at once, easier for you and your dog.

6. Q: Now that I have my results, what do I do with them?
    A: Your assessment results will be your pet's road map to achieving optimum health balance. You will see what foods your pet is currently sensitive to and steer clear of ingredients that trigger itching, irritation, and other unwanted ailments. Your results will also recommend beneficial remedies based on your pet's profile, which are critical to addressing the probable concerns such as a weak immune system or the presence of fungus and bacteria. Identifying food sensitivities is an important first step, but addressing your pet's probable concerns is where you will see the real, lasting transformation.