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Your dog won’t be able to get enough of this all natural, grain free, protein packed ACANA Regionals Grasslands dog food. Carefully created with the biological needs of domestic dogs in mind, it features an impressive 70% meat content, including free-run Muscovy duck and quail, grass-fed Suffolk lamb, freshwater trout and nest-laid eggs. These ingredients provide your dog with much-needed protein, which he is anatomically designed to break down with his razor-sharp teeth, the single hinged design of his jaw and short digestive tract, which is unable to process significant amounts of grains. With vegetables, fruits and botanicals making up the other 30% of this dog food, you can be confident that everything in ACANA Regionals Grasslands is good for your dog’s health and happiness! 

ACANA has a simple philosophy that guides the creation of their dog food: Make it as close to the dog’s evolutionary diet as possible. Recognizing that every domestic dog has wild wolf ancestors, ACANA dog food has a significant percentage of various fresh meat ingredients and limits carbohydrates and synthetic ingredients that dogs definitely don’t need. ACANA Regionals Grasslands is inspired by Kentucky’s lush grasslands, and is made with local ingredients that are delivered fresh or raw to our kitchens. Half of the meat that goes into this premium food is fresh – a rarity among regular dog foods – and all of it is judged fit for human consumption before it goes into our food, so you can trust that your dog is getting the best of the best. 

Mirroring the dog’s natural whole animal diet, ACANA Regionals Grasslands utilizes many parts of the animal to provide a healthy source of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Unlike more conventional dog foods, organs and cartilage accompany meat into ACANA’s food so that synthetic additives are completely unnecessary to create a well-rounded diet for your dog. 

Whole goodness, fresh ingredients, delicious flavor and a uniquely high meat ratio combine to make ACANA Regionals Grasslands dog food a perfect choice for your best friend. Loaded with natural benefits, you can confidently choose one of America’s top quality premium dog foods to give your dog everything he needs to thrive.