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An easy way to protect your cat over a long period against external parasites.

3 per pack - 07 oz / 2 mL


Dispense once between shoulder blades, the product spreads onto the whole body through sebum diffusion.


Natural base active repellent

Environment friendly

3 month protection


Active ingredients : geraniol


The spot-on is an oily product. The purpose of the almond oil is threefold: 1- The oil shields the skin from the natural active ingredients. 2- Oil helps transport the active ingredients across the skin. 3 -It serves as a barrier between the active ingredients and rain or water.


If desired, to minimize the temporary oily effect when first applied:

Spread the hair applying very small amounts of product in different areas around the back of the neck and along the pet's back so as not to concentrate the oil in one area.

You can disperse the application over a couple days.

Twist the tube tip closed when not in use and reapply over several days until application is complete.