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Get professional results from the comforts of home with the ConairPRO Cat Pin Brush. Because your feline friend would probably like to skip the groomer, this cat brush allows her favorite person to do the primping. Designed for the daily brushing and detangling of cats with long and flowing coats, the stainless steel tips penetrate the coat, while the comfort tips protect sensitive skin. And for ease of use, it features a memory gel grip handle that is totally comfortable and non-slip.


Key Benefits

At-home grooming tool to remove tangles and improve the appearance of your cat’s coat.

Penetrates the coat with stainless steel pins capped with comfort tips to protect the skin.

Non-slip handle provides control and reduces hand fatigue while grooming your pet.

Memory gel foam handle is designed to be ultra-comfortable and ergonomic.

Ideal for daily use for cats with long and flowing coats. Recommended as a part of your regular grooming routine.