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FURminator Large Finishing Comb For Dogs



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FURminator Large Finishing Comb For Dogs



FURminator's trusted line of high-quality grooming combs provides a gentle, effective solution for finishing the grooming process. As the second step in FURMinator's 2-Step Grooming Process, combing a pet's coat extracts any debris left over from brushing and removes small surface mats and tangles with minimal tugging, keeping fur clean and healthy.

Key Benefits

  • Removes small surface mats from long, curly, silky and wiry coats, and helping to keep your pet comfortable
  • Rounded stainless steel pins fully rotate to eliminate skin irritation and minimize tugging
  • Keeps hair tangle-and-debris free, extending the period between bath time
  • Shaped lines follow pet's contour for maximum impact while an ergonomic handle provides security and a comfortable hold
  • Anti-microbial plastic helps keep germs and bacteria at a minimum