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You’re sure to fill your feline friend’s stocking with fun this year when you give her the KONG Holiday Wild Tails Cat Toy. She won’t be able to keep her paws off these engaging and entertaining teasers as they dance and skitter across the floor. Whether she prefers the extra-long feathery tails or the intriguing sleigh-bell rattles inside the plush ball, your kitty will stay entertained for hours when it’s too cold to venture outdoors. Keep her natural predatory instincts sharp this winter with these festive holiday toys.


Key Benefits

Your feline friend won’t be able to keep her paws off these fun, festive teaser toys.

Extra-long feathery tails dance and skitter across the floor as she bats, kicks and pounces on her prey.

Entertaining rattles inside the plush balls jingle just like sleigh bells as she plays.

Staves off boredom or anxiety and keeps her active and engaged when it’s too cold to go outdoors.

Fill her stocking full of fun and keep her natural instincts to hunt, chase and play sharp this holiday season.

Special Note

Holiday Wild Tails come in green & red, they ship at random for a fun surprise!