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Forza10 Legend



Mr. Fruit Chews are innovative, fruit-flavoured toy snacks, ideal for your dog’s dental hygiene. 

Mr. Fruit Chew’s special 3D shape and texture help reduce tartar formation and contributes to a correct dental hygiene, thanks to its prolonged mechanical action. The presence of fibres in its composition make for a better internal structure, thus guaranteeing a better cleaning action while chewing. It usefully promotes the health of the whole mouth while providing your dog with a 100% vegetal snack, highly digestible and fruit flavored.

The inhomogeneous colour and the irregular aspect are due to the fact that we only use steam after the cooking process, and not chemical solvents.

5 chews, 5 colors, 5 fruits, for a very wide choice. 

Papaya, Blackberry, Banana, Green Apple, Raspberry.

You’ll want to try them all!

  • FORZA10 Mr. Fruit Chews are all VEGAN OK certified.
  • Innovative three-dimensional shape for an effective dental hygiene.
  • Ideal as a pastime for your dog.
  • It contributes to promote mastication.
  • Assorted natural flavours.
  • Free from chemical or pharmaceuticals residues derived from meat or fat of intensively farmed animals.
  • No sugars (sucrose) or salt added.

Mr. Fruit Chew effectiveness has been scientifically proven by SANYpet’s R&D Department. 

Composition: potato starch, glycerol, cellulose, products and by-products from processing of fresh fruits and vegetables (Carica papaya 0.0384%).

Additives: technological additives: bixin.

Analytical constituents: moisture 7%, crude protein 1.5%, crude oils and fats 3%, crude fibre 5%, crude ash 0.9%.

To learn more about this product along with feeding guidelines please refer to the Forza 10 USA website by visiting the link below.