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Pawlee’s Wholesome Hound Treats are made with a whole wheat based recipe. Whole wheat is a good source for protein which is essential for energy. As long as their is not a grain allergy, this would be a healthy treat option for your furry friend.

*** Attention*** This is for the bulk treats sold from our bins in the front. We will mark what flavor it is but these come in a kraft tin tie bag without the pretty label. This is more for refilling treat jars at home without paying for the pricey packaging.

These treats are made with the freshest ingredients. Our treats are also made with very limited ingredients and one of the cleanest treats you will find on the market. They are preserved with citric acid (concentrated acid from fruits and veggies) and mixed tocopherols (made from Vitamin E). Dogs love our treats because all flavors come from real ingredients. We use real meat, vegetables, fruit, and cheese in our recipes.

1 lb Kraft Tin Tie Bag - No Label                  

Flavors: Blueberry Banana, Peanut Butter Apple, & Smoked Cheddar