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The PetSafe 3IN1 Dog Harness is an all-inclusive harness designed with your convenience in mind. Engineered for maximum comfort, adjustability, and safety, this harness is perfect for every-day use. With different leash attachment options, this harness can be used as a standard back clip, or a no-pull solution with the front clip option—and the car safety restraints limit your dog’s movement in the car, creating a safer driving environment for you and your pup. Plus, the reflective nylon stitching adds visibility at night, making those late-night walks smarter and risk-free.


Key Benefits

Every-day harness provides a standard back clip and no-pull front clip for versatility when attaching a leash.

Car safety restrains limit your dog’s movement during rides, creating a safer driving environment.

Reflective nylon stitching adds visibility at night, making it easier for cars or pedestrians to see your pup.

Neoprene-lined strap padding makes this harness comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

Five points of adjustability ensure a reliable fit on any dog.

What's Included

3 in 1 Harness, car control strap, Training Guide.


Additional Details

If you are securing a dog in a vehicle, only use this product in the rear passenger seat. This harness has not been crash tested. No dog restraint can guarantee protection from injury or death, but proper use helps reduce the risk. Before using this product, read and follow all of the instructions and warnings. Do not leave your dog unattended in the car, especially in warmer weather. Not for tie-out use.



Size Chest Girth Neck Recommended Weight
EXTRA SMALL 13 – 19 inches 9 – 14 inches 10 – 20 lbs
SMALL 19 – 24 inches 14 – 18 inches 20 – 35 lbs
MEDIUM 24 – 34 inches 18 – 26 inches 35 – 65 lbs
LARGE 29.5 – 42.5 inches 24 – 38 inches 65 – 95 lbs

Chest Girth: Wrap measuring tape around the deepest part of the dog's rib cage behind the front legs.

Neck : Wrap measuring tape around the widest part of the dogs neck.