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The Watering Hole Automatic Fresh water Fountain - Frog

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The Watering Hole Automatic Fresh water Fountain - Frog Your product is out of stock currently but will be available from one our suppliers. We typically get trucks in every Friday. If you order by Tuesday, we can have your product by Friday as long as the distributor has it in stock. We will contact you immediately if we find that the product will not be available on Friday as planned.

The Watering Hole Automatic Fresh water Fountain - Frog


Introducing the New and Improved Larger Watering Hole Automatic Fresh Water Fountain is a Whimsical, functional and a great value! This great-looking indoor fresh water fountain provides a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water for your cats. And at a much lower price than other fountains on the market. 

Water streams out of the frog's mouth and can easily be set at 3 different flow levels. It comes completely assembled and is convenient, easy to use and easy to clean. Cats love the sound and action of water flowing. Research has shown that flowing water actually encourages cats to drink more, which is great for their health! Especially good for cats who consume more dry food as they need more water. 

Fountain comes with 2 active carbon filters. Each filter lasts 4 - 6 weeks depending upon the number of cats using the fountain. Fountain is not for outdoor use. Fountain is electric (does not require batteries). Fountain is made of polypropylene. The frog is made of food-safe plastic resin. Capacity is 1.2 quarts/1.14 liters of water. For dog lovers, this fountain can also be used by small to medium sized dogs!!!!