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Wrap your hand in the comfort of the Wigzi Nylon Standard Gel Handle Dog Leash. Filled with liquid gel that actually conforms to your hand, you can wrap the loop around your wrist or hold the handle any which way you choose—minus the irritation due to friction that comes from typical leashes. Because while typical leash handles are made from nylon that is tough on hands, especially when dogs pull, the gel works to reduce the friction for a much more enjoyable walking experience. Durable and lightweight, it’s made with a nylon belt that will last for years, plus an additional D-ring for a convenient way to stash poop bags. Nothing beats the liquid gel comfort!


Key Benefits

Innovative gel leash offers the most comfortable walking experience for pet parents.

Handle is packed with a non-toxic liquid gel that conforms to your hand and wrist.

Eliminates the friction and irritation caused by standards leashes rubbing against skin.

Additional D-ring is included to use for waste bags, keys, training clickers, and more.

1” width with additional traffic handle is perfect for medium to large dogs, and 5/8” width is ideal for smaller dogs (no traffic handle).