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Start Earning Your Paw Points!

For every purchase earn 3% back in loyalty by joining our Paw Points Customer Loyalty Program! If you are purchasing food from us that is part of a manufacturer's frequent buyer program, this will...

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Frequent Buyer Programs

Check out our frequent buyer programs. This is where you buy X amount of product to get free product. Click on the Astro image above to learn more about these programs. You will also find a link to download the Astro app on your phone through the App Store or Google Play so that you can track your Paw Points and Frequent Buyer Purchases right at your finger tips 24/7. Although two different names, Paw Points & Astro Frequent Buyer are managed under one program. If you signed up in our our store or online, you have access to Astro. Paw Points Loyalty is Pawlee's exclusive in house program where you earn 3% back on every purchase. This is something we do extra for our customers. Astro Frequent Buyer is offered and governed by the product manufacturers.