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What is Paw Points and Why Join?
By enrolling in this program, you will earn 3% back on every dollar spent in our store known as Paw Points. You can let these accumulate and redeem however you wish. You don't have to use them all at once and you can redeem them on anything at anytime. We do have a cap at $30. This means if you reach $30 in accumulated points, we will start asking you to redeem some. Keep in mind, we are a small business and this is something we do for our customers to build loyalty but would rather not take a major hit over $30 on one purchase. This is our exclusive loyalty program that comes out of our profits and not backed by manufacturers. With this program and Astro's Frequent Buyer program, which is backed by manufacturers, you can really save on your FURiend's food and supplies. 

Astro Frequent Buyer Program? Do I Have To Join Two Programs?
Absolutely Not. When you enroll in Paw Points, you automatically are enrolled in Astro Frequent Buyer. Actually you can access your Paw Points and track your Frequent Buyer all under the Astro Loyalty app which can be downloaded to your phone or log in from your computer. The difference in these programs are Paw Points is our inhouse loyalty program but is managed through Astro. Astro is a program backed by pet product manufacturers. This is where you buy X amount of product (primarily food) and get one free. So buy 12 bags of food within a year, you earn a free bag. That alone can mean a lot with prices going up like crazy these days. We are seeing more supplement and treat companies climbing on board too. This allows us to compete with large retailers and help you save. Most of the time by the time you earn the points and frequent buyer, you will come out cheaper than the large retailer.

How Do I Get Started?
You can sign up at the register when checking out. We will just ask for your Name, Phone Number, and Email. You will immediately start earning points and if you are buying a product from a brand that is participating in the frequent buyer, that will also be recorded on a digital punch card that is managed by Astro. You can view this at anytime. When you come back in, we will just ask for your phone number to pull up your account during checkout. This info is kept private and never shared with anyone. There are some manufacturers that will ask for your mailing address to send you coupons exclusively for their product. Fromm is one that does if you buy their products. You can also pre-register by filling out the form below. After registering either in store or using this form, you will get an invitation to download the Astro app. You can also log in from your computer and set your own password. 

What Brands That You Carry Are Eligible For Astro's Frequent Buyer?
Click the logo below to see which brands that we carry that participate. You will also see the links to download the app.  If we special order a brand for you that we don't stock and it's participating, you will also be eligible for this. 

Paw Points Info Page